Note: Will also be rolling a d20 to help deteremin certain things.

CW: Infighting, implied homophobia, implied reigious abuse, ended up being about how the fictional totally-not-christianity is shit and the constant switching of tense and perspective on accident.

What is it like to live in this world?

The Fool The enviroment is known for it's many cliffs, lesser known for it's cliffs that stay below the bottom of your vision. It's well known for people not looking to tumble to their demise.
6 of CupsThe people are very sentimental. The many tiny communities are known to the outside for their generosity and selflessness; largely this is reguarded as a (semi-humourous) stereotype.

Who am I?

The High PriestessA woman born of a religious sect, my powers are laatgely rooted in the pious. In spite of leaving that portion of my life behind, it's the means I have been taught, therefore I use it in my work.
8 of CupsFrankly, I were thrown out by my family years ago. I neither had any interest in my family's religion nor did I master their magic arts with the proficiency of my peers. It took one night with, who i could only wish to be, my future bride and another to pack my things.

I look straglely and am often withdrawn. I live as a hermit when I'm not working.

The Party

3 of WandsAn un prepared group approches me in a bar asking for assistance. My immediate reaction is not a positive one, given my past. This group of 3 looks more roughly thrown together than I am.

The party consists of a retired bodyguard(The Emperor), a preist (3 of Cups) and an apprentice cleric, who seems familiar (6 of Cups). They wish to "expand their group's reach to greater and better things" and have been traveling all over the world looking for oppertunities to very little luck. I wonder why.

The Dungeon

JusticeWe approached a very tall building with tipped scales carved on the wall with excurciating detail. "This is it..." I thought to myself. The only building that would be built like this would be a dungeon or a court, but there wouldn't be a court in the middle of no where.
6 of WandsThis dungeon was built around the idea of your self confidence and it's effects on the outside world. A "butterfly effect" dungeon about yuor ego. My group may have some fun in here.
4 of SwordsThe place is small but full of options, the group chooses just to take the first floor. In it a Magmin surrounded by large barrels of gunpowder. The barrels are here for a reason and you have a horrible feeling.

[rolled a nat 20, yes actually]

As the cleric draws their dagger the bodyguard stops them and swears under his breath. "That thing will light the barrels of we kill it."

It's decided to try and sneak around it.

[rolled 16, how did this go so well]

The four of you carfully sneak around the magmin, the priest bumps one of the barrels and it turns to face you. You stare into it's eyes for a terrifying amount of time before it turns back to what it was doing... What?

You don't look a gift horse in the mouth and hurry towards the exit.

Page of PenticlesUpon entering the net room we find a large treasure chest. It's locked. The cleric seems absolutely giddy as they reach into their pockets and pull out a lockpick

"I've been practicing!" they say excitedly. The priest looks horrified, the bodyguard amused.

They try and pick the chest's lock.

[rolled a 19, i think my virtual dice are weighted]

After very minor fumbles the chest opens with a click, impressive I'm not gonna lie. Inside...

[rolled a 14]

A handfull of gold coins, blank parchment, and a classified ad about buying an inn.

The preist is notably dissapointed. The cleric exstatic, they feel like they've improved in their lockpicking and general dexterity. Their joy filled my heart and I found myself happy with them.

The Boss

The HierophantThe Tower
Upon climbing the starirs you come across a large room, the walls are covered in all known languages.

'Talk amongst yourselves'

"What in the good lord's name is this?" The priest angrily proclaims before gensturing in a way to insinuate repentance and forgiveness. Everyone ignores him.

The bodyguard apeaks "So, 'talk amongst yourselves' what do we talk about?"

"We could do an icebreaker"

the cleric, chipper as ever, replies. You groan, youve always hated these; but they continue. "My name is..."

They grow into great ecstatic detail about their life, likes, and surpsingly their complete passion for the rogue class. The priest is noticeably angered by this passion.

"I have told you once, I'll tell you again! Drop this rogue nonsense!"

"There you go again! You're always like this. It doesn't hurt you if i practice lock picking nor does it-"

"I did not raise a heretic nor a thief!"

You cringe, the priest of of the same religion you wree kicked out from so many years ago, an there is nothing in it's texts about rogues and their skills being heretical. The cleric is angry to the point of tears.

"Hey," the bodyguard interjects, "They got us that treasue in the last-"

"Oh, they got us 3 gold and some paper what good is that."

"Well, I always wanted to open an inn" the bodyguard says with a cheeky smile. The cleric wipes their eyes. "You're not my father..." they mutter.

The priest flies into a rage absolutely livid. They yeling continues for several miniutes, I quietly sided with the cleric. Eventually "That's it!" the cleric screams, "I am leaving! I'm leaving this party! I'm leaving this church, i'm leaving this class! You have no right to treat me like this. First my partner, now my-"

"If they leave I'm coming with them." the bodyguard interupts. I stood and joined him.

There's a click, the exit door opens.

The three of you leave abandinging the priest to his anger.


The three of us exited the tower, the sun was sharp on my eyes. The cleric was noticeably happier, almost frolicing in out way back to town, like a huge weight had been lifted. They removed their cloak and threw it to the wind.

We smiled warmly at each other.

I brought up the inn to the bodyguard, and we decided to see if it was still up for sale.

Author's Notes: Oh boy, so I kept accidentally changing the perspective from first to second so I'm sorry about the janky reading. This probably got kind personal too.

I don't know if i played tis one right either, but I had fun writing it.

Cleric and healer are gonna have to get a bonus too, huh...