If you made it here then you managed to make your way though 2 secret pages.
I'm impressed!

I hid this page beacuse I wanted to share my vent art, but have crushing anxiety over it.

Please don't steal or repost anything here! Thank you.

死にたい。/ I want to die.

私はモンスターです!/ I'm an abomination!

ブス乙女 / Ugly Girl

生きろ / Live

November 2019
"they have to hate me."
"why would they hate you?"
"because i'm me."

"please like me"

December 2019
no one could give two shits about what I have to say
I don't know if i'm happy about it.

December 2019
it wasn't directed at me but it hurt.
i wish people would think about what they say.

sometimes i reach a point where i can't directly talk to anyone anymore,

in general.
my interests are dear to me.

January 2020

may 2020