Menhera (メンヘラ) is a japanese slang term derived from "Mental Healther". It became the spark of a sickly cute aesthetic which takes the abiguous usage of the word "sick", like as an insult for something nonconformist, literally as reflection of the social stigma which still hides behind the surface of "kawaii culture". -fymenhera

Do not add the suffix "kei" to menhera.

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A lot of graphics here are by King Lulu Deer

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Featured Song

ツユ ー「あの世行きのバスに乗ってさらば。」
CW: Suicide Ideation + Wrist injury in video


Artist may explore: NSFW, Self Harm, Suicide, ect.

Kuua Oyasumi
King Lulu Deer
Akumu Byouin
Black Berry Missa
Oyasumi Twintail
Suisou Meirou
Suiyou Matoi
Cute Hospital

Why I Like Menhera

I'm mentally ill. I've always liked cute medical themed aesthetics. When I first found menhera I was initially happy there was a name for this specific branch of "sickly-kawaii" because I liked expressing my illness in cute ways, but always felt kind of weird doing so. It makes me feel, I guess "unified" and not alone.

And I like the themes of raising awareness and saying that you can be unwell, but you can also be cute-that your illness does not define you with sterotypes.

I also... just think it looks good.

I gravitate to syringes because I've had too many blood tests to try and figure out if I'm dying, anemic or just depressed. (I'm anemic AND depressed!)

Phone Apps


Calm Harm* - Self Injury Help
What's Up?* - General
Medisafe* - Remember to take your meds
Aloe Bud - Self Care
Optimism* - Mood Diary
Booster Buddy - General (and cute)
*=i use or have used


Heads Hop
Escape from a Nightmare (iOS)

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