Aoi Uroko to Suna no Machi

During a summer trip to the beach with her mother, four-year-old Tokiko is saved by a mermaid after wandering into the ocean. Years later she returns to live in this town by the sea with her father, and is drawn to a boy in her sixth grade class that stirs this old memory.

Ashizuri Aquarium

Collection of stories of the author, contemplatives and abusing of an art that mix extremely detailed background with bi-dimensional and caricatured characters.


CW: suicide, selfharm, every kind of abuse.

Henshin no News

A collection of 9 short stories.

Imperfect Girl

A college student who aspires to be a writer, sees a traffic accident where an elementary school girl is hit by a truck. Strangely, the girl's friend saves her game and puts it away before running over to her friend's dead body. Then, the protagonist is captured and confined by this girl. The story is narrated by the protagonist ten years later, now an adult author.

Yume no Soko

A girl falls into a coma and finds herself at an odd convenience store managed by a talking furry creature. In the land where dreams are made, on the brink of life and death, the girl watches and learns from the whimsical creatures she comes across.

Uchuu wo Kakeru Yodaka

First year student Kohinata Ayumi is asked out by her crush, Shiro! While waiting for her first date with Shiro she receives a mysterious call from one of her classmates, Umine Senko. She then witnesses Umine fall off a building?! What on earth is happening...?!

Adapted into the mini-series Switched.