Spooky Games for Spooky Nights

The Letter When seven people fall prey to a vicious curse, they will discover that horror rests not from the shadows lurking about, but within themselves. To what ends will one go in order to survive?
Genre: Visual Novel
CW: Themes of abuse and racism. Some very offensive language.
The Mysterious Forum & 7 Rumours There was a secret forum managed by the newspaper club at a high school.
The “rumors” posted on the forum become “reality” and even “mysterious”…
What on earth are the “seven mysterious stories” posted on the forum…?
Genre: Visual Novel/Chat Novel
iOS / Android
Escape from a Nightmare "It was a world of eerie dream and wake up.
If you do not escape from the world of early eerie dream as possible "
Genre: Point and Click
CW: Themes of abuse and bullying.
iOS / Android?
Doki Doki Literature Club Do I really have to introduce this one?
Genre:Visual Novel
Japanese Doll Raise a Japanese Doll. Please take care of your new daughter.
Genre: Raising Sim?
iOS / Android
Games Made/Translated by VGPerson Cop-out entry.
Reccommend: Uri's games, Hello Hell...o, END ROLL, Misao and Libretta.
Genre: Mostly RPG Adventure.
The Shape on the Ground Psychological Evaluation Software
Genre: Psychological Evaluation Software
/SPEK.TAKL/ A late-night television watching session is interrupted by the anonymous delivery of perplexing VSH tapes whose contents plunge whoever watches them into a paranoid state.
Genre: ???
ANATOMY Every house is haunted.
Check out the rest of Kitty Horrorshow's games aswell!
Genre: Story
The Doll Shop Day after day, in this desolate village, I take care of my dolls. They are my family. The people here wouldn't understand. But you're not like them. If I tell you my secret… you won't be afraid.
Genre: Point and Click
SnowOwl Games I'm a huge fan of Miserere
Genre: RPG Adventure
Cosmology of Kyoto A 1993 adventure game set in medieval Kyoto around the year 1000. The game deals with religion and philosophy, particularly Buddhism and Buddhist philosophy, as well as myth and legend.
Genre: Point & Click Adventure
Sweet Home An oft forgotten horror RPG from 1989. One of the first Survival Horror game and the main inspiration for Resident Evil.
Stop forgetting about Sweet Home
Genre: JRPG
Abadox In the year 5012, the planet known as Abadox is soon eaten by a giant alien organism known as Parasitis. The galactic military tries to fight the alien, but to no avail, as Parasitis destroys the entire galactic military, except for one hospital ship. It is then discovered that Princess Maria has been devoured as well. The galactic military decides to send out their best fighter, to attempt to enter Parasitis' body and rescue Princess Maria before it's too late.
Genre:Shoot em' Up
NES / Famicom
CarnEvil An urban legend claims that if a golden token is inserted into the jester's mouth on top of the tombstone of Ludwig von Tökkentäkker, a ringmaster buried in the cemetery, a haunted amusement park will rise from the earth.

The game begins with a group of kids taking a hayride tour through the Greely Valley cemetery, courtesy of the local "ghost expert" Spooky Sam. The unnamed protagonist leaves the tour and approaches Tökkentäkker's tombstone to find a golden coin sitting in its slot. The protagonist inserts the coin into the jester's mouth, resulting in the legendary undead carnival rising from the ground.
Genre: Light Gun Shooter

Arcade / Maybe Abandonware*
Clock Tower: The First Fear The actual original Clock Tower. (We got the second one.)
Genre: Point and Click
Super Famicom / Playstation / Windows / ...WonderSwan apparently...
My Father's Long, Long Legs "My family lived on the southern edge of a certain Midwestern industrial city in an old house, old enough that its basement still had a dirt floor."
Genre: Interactive Fiction
Memories of Fear Translations Another translator. Translated a lot of Corpse Party games among others. Free
Irisu Syndrome A cute but difficult puzzle game. Keep the game folder open. Free
DL+English Patch

*Software still technically under copyright, but no one cares about it so it's free reign. Often orphan works.
Not linked to avoid potential legal issues.
You can find more information about abandonware with google ;)