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Arguably an oxymoron.
Scary Chainmail

Title Synopsis/Comments
Jvk1166z.esp A classic story about a strange Morrowwind mod that surficed on select forums and would brick your game.
TRAINING.bsp Heavily inspired by Hondo's imfamous 5AM Halflife map (which requires a huge seizure warning btw). A group of Sven Co-op players find, seemingly, a troll map on someone's defunt game server and try to beat it before the becomes too much for them to handle.
Anansi's Goatman Story There's something in the goddamn woods.
Candle Cove A group of people on a local BBS discuss a children's show they all grew up with. An extremely well known story.
SearchandRescueWoods's Stories A reddit user explains why he nolonger works as a SAR officer. Another well known (series) one. Used to be the shit when it came out.
Kisaragi Station Someone posts on 2ch having ended up on the wrong train.
Cervine Birth Recounting an unknown artist's disturbing pieces.
Content Warning: An appearnt suicide, decriptions of animal cruelty.
Generation Loss An artist tries to document generation loss, copying a clip from one tape to another reapeatedly. The resulting clip starts causing problems. Trash-y but still a fun one.
Content Warning: A suicide.
The Princess A recount and tragic tale of the investigation into a videogame glitch known only as "The Princess"
Content Warning: A suicide
M A R I O Someone made a horror Super Mario World hack. 3edgyspooky5me!
The Kimberly Story Audio. A scary story told by a teacher that's alegedly cursed to shit.
The Disappearance
of Ashley, Kansas
Ted the Caver Another classic.
Snuff Video Some workers at a video store wonder why one specific VHS tape is so popular.
Letter to the Editor, June 2004
Kids in the Dark
Does anyone else remember a pop song from 2008?