Forgotten Asylum

Map content warning: It's a ableist horror mental hospital. Blood, gore, jumpscares, and one depiction of someone self injuring for some reason.

Implications will not be discussed, that's a whole other bag of worms.

Upon booting up the map you are greeted with this lovely face sitting on the table with the start button.

When i hit the button to start I sat there for about a minute thinking the game was loading (like it hadn't already) before hitting F and.


It's pretty typical fare. Find locked door, find key, go back to door, get jumpscared

meet some friends, ect.

The map design is pretty decent looking you around the facility. It feels very polished and well thought out. The atmosphere is pretty generic but i wouldn't all it bad, not by a long shot. Par for the course.

pictured: very safe.

There's no story

You're taken to an overgrown sewer, the air vents, stalked by glowing eyes in the darkness, reception, you know abandonted mental hospital shit.

Not really much to say. It's an asylum and it's forgotten.

At one point the dev decided to add a lovingly animated model of a ghost stabbing themselves. Doesn't do anything just sits there and... is... "lovely".

The scares are relatively stereotypical but still unique for a gmod map. I like the occasional use of silent jumpscares among the more usual loud jumpscare fare, done well and made me go "what the fuck" in a good way. That along with the more subtle eyes in the dark, not bad, not bad.

You again!???

If you cut back on the "gmod-ness" the dev may have a future in horror game design.

Implications aside and comparing most gmod maps