September 3, 2021

My dreams were very forested for some reason.


I was at a friend or neibour's house, I was house sitting. It was in the woods, kinda. It was a very nice place, but that's not relevent.

It was night, I was I think watching tv? When I decide to go outside. I step out onto the porch, look to omy left, and i see a bison standing on it's hindlegs.

Like, upright, in it's hind legs.

When it spotted me it went back down onto four.

This scared the shit out of me and i immediatey went back inside.


There was something about breaking into cabins and houses?

there were four other characters that i was spying on. They got drunk a lot, liked to party and half the drama was about who's fucking who.

July 25, 2021

Dream 1

I had jelly soap
I lay it on the table and made cuts into it. My brain thought “like a fillet of fish”
I had two pieces

I ate one of them, I ate most of it and got down to the corner

I started throwing up. My friends said “I wonder why”

Dream 2

I was a “boy”

We were at some function that was supposed to have separate dorms
I was invited with some other dudes to sleep o the floor of the girls room
I accepted

That night all the girls (sharing a bed) woke up and started looking at something next to where the boys were sleeping. I was the only one awake but couldn’t see what they were looking at.

They were really freaked out, asking each other “what that was” and “why it’s doing that. “

Whatever it was I knew I shouldn’t look.

July 24, 2021

A bunch of food you tubers were trying to flip the top of a fence.
It was one of those fences with wire coils to stop the birds from landing on them.

It was a whole escapade involving avoiding the cops and trying to keep the unsuspecting public from catching us.

People who volunteered would get one of those breads that are fried and puff up really big. (Puri?)

July 2, 2021

Dream 1

I bathed my birds. They were a pop idol sensation.

Dream 2

Marked "clean later" but I have no idea what I was taking about.

I was at a fair
There were a bunch of doors in a maze like area
Climb up on the street and there were sprinklers
There was some kind of hell plant growing
The police are fucks

June 22. 2021

I was in changing rooms at a store, it was a cross between a clothing store and a Walmart.

The walls were glass.

The changing rooms had those little shower inlets but no showers

There were mannequins everywhere, I was avoiding them because they were alive or could come alive.

I remember an over laying anxiety to this dream.

I just wanted to go home.

Unknown Date

I heard a story of a woman who “took peoples babies” to sell and once did it what she was pregnant. Notorious bitch.

People would have the baby then she would take it with the intent to sell it.

Jump cut to her sitting in the car, comparing a woman’s baby to hers and calling it ugly.

The mother was riding shotgun and definitely could hear but didn’t seem to care.

I was the only one in the car who didn’t find this particularly funny.

It was framed like a trashy tiktok video.

May 23, 2021

A Japanese idolstyle rock band released a song called “Rabbit and Lion [something]” and was the cause for controversy and legal action

One of the members had gone behind the back of management and she has recorded some backmasking that “turned a cute song into a disturbing one”

I couldn’t find anything about what the message actually was just that it was dark and she was now in deep shit for recording it.

I got a description of “listing off different animals than what’s in the song” and how it changed the song’s meaning.

This was for some reason such a big controversy that even my mom had heard about it.

December 27, 2020

There was a lot.

A massive cult to an evil matriarchal grandma who convinced every one she was their grandma. Killed animals in secret creepy ritualistic ways.

You were able to ask for one item a year, at the end of the year you had to give up a physical sliver of the item. People lined up the stairs, handed over textbooks where she took the spine, clothing she stole the hem, toys she took parts of.

Hotdogs were completely banned. A woman stopped to ask if sausages were okay as she planned to make some real ones. She was trying to feed her picky kids, thankfully the answer was yes.

Several ghosts. Two in two separate closets. They came out of the house was empty. You could see them peeking out of the corner of your eye and would open the closet when you turned your back and close it when you turned back.

There was a tiny faerie thing in a birdbath thing. I have her a bead from my dress which got me out of the item offering thing above.

A snowy road that if you managed to sneak to it would play country music. If you go far enough the music would overlap itself

November 23, 2020

There was a notorious video online called “Man screams at nothing” The description was about a man watching a guy get beat up on camera but the actual video was as follows:

A man came home from his shift at the hospital bringing back the vhs security tapes to go through them.

He say down at the table as his wife sat close by or went to get something

He took a vhs tape out of the bag and saw that it had already been reround

He poped it into the player and the camera zoomed into the screen

It began to show various Gory closeups from movies. They were all of various bloody faces and the characters in the vhs tapes were all screaming.

The vhs cut to static you could see the vague shapes of something through the static and the man himself began screaming.

The camera flipped backwards upside down and I couldn’t see what was happening.

People described the video that you could see a pale face just barely through the static. I thought I could see a hallway with someone in it.

This dream scared me badly and woke me up. It had directly jumpcut from a dream about me biking to the library.

November 13, 2020

I had access to the neighbours property. I climbed over the fence and saw a large puddle of blood.

It was in a circle, looked dark purple-red, and bright red where it looked like something had been dragged off.

There was a bent sign in the round pool of blood that said “2015”

I ran to get my camera because I wanted a picture.

September 20, 2020

A man was going through the backgrounds on a zoom-like program.

One was a Mesa

He called it “proto-boomer”

August 18, 2020

There was a set of super indie comics called “The Unturnables”

They were really bleak and avant garde.

You’d find the collection via a strange game. When you read them you could only read “down”

The implication was when submitted for publication they were always turned down.

This was strange because they were published in a lot of old zines back in their run.

When the zines disappeared with age they were archived by the creators in a way that was very ARG to access

August 17, 2020

I was playing chess in a very anime battle-esque scene. I won very quickly.

I couldn’t see how I won, and assumed it must have been something like the 4 move checkmate.

I thought the dream would show me.
It didn’t.

March 29, 2020

I was meeting with someone, we were sitting at a table at the window. There was a large grandfather clock behind my guest. When you looked outside the sun was a bucket in a circle.

We were talking about teaming up for something. One of us said “keep an eye on the clock” which was, somehow, a very clever wordplay here.

The perspective changed to third person and one of us said it was time to go, the deal fell through.

People began pouring out from various places, many people crowded down the stairs and out the front door, some out of doors. One person climbed out from the cupboard under the sink.

I woke up.

March 28, 2020

It was dusk or early morning. I was riding a bike at a 45 degree angle off of a tiny lip. Sometimes i was riding it backwards, sometimes I was on the wrong side of the handle bars. there was strips on wet paint on the ledge, like someone had squeezed several tubes onto it. The colours were in no particular order, it was ugly.

Someone I grew up with was there and the topic at hand was someone being pregnent.

Devember 29, 2019

It was a videogame, a side scroller similar to Detention or The Cat Lady. You played as a girl on the streets of Tokyo. The game was in Japanese, but the words went too fast to read. The character 下 (shita) appeared a lot.

The girl was able to run extremely fast, making the text go even faster like hitting event point after event point.

She ran past people in the street, under a bridge, the text was racing and, still running, she began to look up to the sky. A ceramic piece of a statue, I believe a fist, fell from the top of the screen and hit her, evicerating her and turning her into a gory mess.

I didn't want to play anymore. It was extremely desturbing, I felt kind of sick waking up because if I payed attention and didn't just hold down the run button it might not have hit her.

October 20, 2019


This is gonna say a lot about me... I was playing a certain waifu gatcha game. The cards were much more erotic with alluring outfits. One character was in shibari. At least one character was nude in several cards. The later was treated more as a joke than anything.

October 18, 2019

CW: Very graphic violence (spoilered)

Date estimated. I was a non-descript anime girl in a visual novel. There was a story ofthe class I was in turning on eachother as some sort of supernatual game had started. When someone attacked another, the wounds inflicted would show one someone else, seemingly without pattern. At one point I was Injured on my arm. I was given a deep gash in my arm. The injury was horrifically deep and realistic. I don't want to describe it more graphically here.

Near the end of the story, my view had switched to third person. I saw the girl, empty eyed, walk among the rest of the populous, not zombies. She stepped into an elevator, realized there was a zombie in there with her, andjust casually walked back out.

October 2, 2019

Dream Fragments


I had a girlfriend. We more or less kept it a secret from everyone. The setting was very gothic with an air of magic and witchcraft, we were both wearing frilly black and white dresses. I loved her. I miss my dream witch GF.


I was with some people, the dream called them "family" as well as at one point the above girlfriend. The place was like a rustic cabin, but modern in interior. The walls were white, there were open staircases with no banister, a large TV to watch horror movies (actual plan in dream) and tall windows.

There were a lot of windows, with only forest beyond them. Wandering the halls felt like something i wasn't supposed to be doing.


I don't know how this connected.

I was out side with some people, in the rubble of what looked like a house near some corn fields. There were tall creatures skulking around that we were hiding from.

We tried to sneak out into the corn fields but then someone said something, too loud, that i remember that got the attention of the tall things. We went from sneaking to running but all hell broke loose. I hit the ground in the field hoping that the tall things wouldn't see me.

July 26, 2019

I dreamed I was staying in a haunted building.

It started with me sprinting up some stairs, 7 stories, reaching in the otherwise modern building a completely wooden hallway wiyth more wooded stairs going further up. I remembered being a child, being here before, and for some reason couldn't bring my self to go up those stairs.

There were two doors at the base of the stairs, both normal bedrooms, but you could tell something was wrong.

Up the stairs was (more wood) an attic like place, also a bedroom. This place's energy was fucked. Like you should not be here.

My sister and I were in one of the lower bedrooms, deliberately taunting a ghost. There was a wooden disk we had the surved an unknown purpose, but something had scratched and completely mangles the outside edge like someone had taken a crude carving tool to it.

We also got an EVP but i don't remember what it said.

July 24, 2019

I was at some sort of youth retreat at Dr. Phil's hypothetical farm home (inb4 ranch. :/). Either that or Dr. Phil's retreat place... next to a farm feild he owned?

The field was small but full of a lot differnt of animals. There was a ledge in the back, with a fence uptop, leading to a very rooty forest. A bunch of other "kids" and I elected to run away because Dr. Phil is an asshole.

One kid told me he tried to climb into the wood, and got sued because he got caught. Not sued because he tried to run, sued because he jumped down and accidentally ripped up some grass.

Dream me was like "bitch are you serious?" but decided to try anyway.

I climbed up a small worn part of the ledge with no issue and started walking along behind the fence. As I get to the edge of the woods an alarm goes off and me and the other kids book it.

The woods were very hard to traverse because of the roots but i eventually made it to a town. The rest of the dream was me trying to evade Phil and not get caught and dragged back to dream-troubled-teen industry.

Can you tell I don't like Dr. Phil?

July 16/17, 2019

I was an angel. There was some sort of class reunion with my grade school peers. It cumulated in me going ballistic at them. Last thing said was "good luck trying to find me"

I decided to run away after hiding under a building for a while.

I was in a room on the second floor, jumped out the window, and flew away.

Sights include: soaring over someone on a lawn chair "guarding" me, trees and power lines, a small town with roads made of wood, an apartment block painted white with a lot of glass, under the sea that's also under a deck.

June 21, 2019

I was a big cat of some sort, maybe a lynx. I was doing cat things in some sort of tour/safari area. The location was very deciduous and i doubt it was realistically sutable for a big cat.

There was a little girl and her parents going though the place. The father had blue hair and somehow I knew the girl (I forget how). I went to greet her but she was obviously scared of me so I left.

I went and sat in a clearing and the family was exiting that way. Another animal sat beside me blocking their way. I thought he was a dick. I got up and moved out of the way so the family could leave.

June 19, 2019

I was a young boy (?) in the zombie apocolypse. It wasn't desolate, infact it was in a suburban neighbourhood and people were still living "happily". The only way you could tell something was up was all the chainlink fencing was rusted and the lawns were dead.

My weapon was a musket. You know, the one that takes a long time to reload. What a great weapon for the apocolypse lol.

June 18, 2019

Real life was an MMO, feeling kind of like Skyrim.

I was in a party with some of my OCs, one of whom being the leader. We all had differnt but very high stats with the leader being max level. While wandering we came across Scoot from animal crossing who joined out party. Scoot spoke in Vinny's duck noises.

We were resting under a big tree, Scoot was look out, adn were were alerted someone was approching. Me and Adrian (shout out to Fran) approched this person because we had the highest attack stats. I don't remember what this person wanted but they were chill so we walkedthem back to the tree and just all sat in the shade.

Misc Notes:

I was the one who made the "game". It was a modified save of the base game meant to be more story driven. The idea was the leader was max level and OP af, but because the enemies in game would level up indefinately the game would get harder while the hero's power was capped from the start. You'd have to reply on strategy and your party members abilities.

I don't remember if party members were full level or not, but they were still strong.

There was an awesome battle at one point where the leader jumped off a roof using a bending pole (dream said it was bamboo. k.) to get down.

I tried to climb the tree, I got one branch up but no higher because i didn't feel like falling.

Scoot had the worst stats, but max agility. Designated tree climber.

Including me the party was ~6 people iwth Scoot

It was PVP hense the body guards.

June 13, 2019

I was at my elementary school (blech) in the office (BLECH) and I was struggling to be allowed to sign out for the day. My family was going to Japan for the weekend. This trip was treated with the same umph (words.) as just going up to a cottage a few miles away.

Ms. S was there and was giving me and my family, who was only there.... kinda? a really hard time about the sign out.

Dreaming about my grade school is always a trip.

May 30, 2019

For the heck of it i did this because i wanted to have a spooky dream to tell you. I kicked the pillow 8 times.

In the dream I turned around to a window and a face jumped into view ans startled me. It was kind of mangled looking and it's nose was shaped like a small pear. It looked like a gargoyle.

That's it...

How dissapointing.

May 29, 2019

Dream 1

There were two rooms with small animal enclosures alone the walls. One for sea, one for land. They were numbered and there was about 20-27 enclosures in each room, meant to represend some kind of progression.

In the sea room #1 was small gold fish and #2 was slightly bigger silver guppies.

In the land room #5 or 6 was a small black corgi like dog. It was short and shaggy. It's plaque said it was from northern countries.

I don't know what number but later down was another dog. I forget what it looked like but it had a scar or nick taken out of it's ear. There was a yellow sticker on the cage asking you not to pet him and said that he DOES NOT actually have a chunk taken from his ear. When I looked away and looked back it said that he DID have a chunk taken out of his ear.

The animals were apearantly only in these small cages for maybe an hour a day for show. The rest of the time they were in much better conditions.

Dream 2

CW: Suicide Mention

There was someone who seemingly worked in biology. They had a small journal that they would write in if they were feeling suicidal.

They had a cup of coffee as everyone left, sighed, and pulled out the small book and a pen. As they were writing someone else came in and was happy to see them but then sadly said "Is that....?"

The moment felt soft, warm and loving; but I woke immeditely after. I played the scene over again in my head, still in bed awake, because I liked how gentle it was.

Bonus Dream (from my physical journal)

Dated: unknown (pre-march 2014)

I was in a traffic jam and watched out the back window as a man was knocking the car door of an old woman. He was trying to give back what looked like a shopping bag of clothing.

A ghostly woman appeared through the back window, upside down as thought she was on the room of my car. She was an asian woman she looked like she was from traditional japanese artwork and had heavily lined eyes and bright red lips. I could tell a feature of her face was missing.

She muttered something really high pitch. It was gibberish and her mouth didn't match the syllables. She then "ducked" out of view back onto my roof.

It made me feel uncomfortable and I hoped she didn't see me, but I didn't feel fear.

May 24, 2019

This dream definately had a somewhat dark plot but I don't remember it. I lived in a town, in a white L shaped house. I had a garden. It was really dark and limiting my vision, I'm sure sometimes I went by touch and sound alone.

There were these flowers, white with very very thin stems. The actually flower was like little hard cotton balls and the stems looked like pine needles. They looked like baby's breath but rounder. These flowers caused skin irritation because they would suck up all the toxins from the soil and touching them caused a reaction, so I had to wear gloves.

I tried to dig up one plant to relocate it and it died immeditely. I was able to plant and replant these by snapping off a stalk and shoving the broken end in the dirt where I wanted it. I spent a lot of time trying to make the edge of my little garden rounded with these flowers like it was some sort of life or death situation.

April 1, 2019

I was on vacation and had gone sight seeing. I heard of a half finished light house that was a popular place for people to tresspass as it was abandoned.

It was missing a chunk of wall and the stairs went up in the shape of a square. Half way up the stairs ended, but the old bricks continued to spiral upwards in their place, so I continued climbing.

After the crumbling walls ended there was a tall metal spire, looking like an old chimney, I wrapped my arms and legs around it and continued climbing upward. When I reached the top I was above the clouds.

The clouds cleared to my left and I was able to look over the trashy city and see mountains in the distance. It was a simple scene but I started to cry.

January 8, 2019

I had a dream I was in some dark place. I don't rememeber but it was dark and ominous.

There was this door open about a foot, I stepped so that I could see through the doorway and there was a thing there.

It was a face that looked kinda blurry and distorted. It was red, white and black. The face shape was way too long and looked almost dog-like and whatever it belinged to would have been about 7ft tall. Seeing it made me feel like I was now in a lot of trouble.

I can only describe this face as "one of the scariest things I have ever seen"

I woke up almost immediately with my heart pounding out of my chest.

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