Alice: An Interactive Museum

Synergy Interactive 1994 / Win 3.1 and MAC

A mid 1990s adventure with no save feature and very few puzzles.

No wait come back

Based on loosely Alice in Wonderland (duh.) with art my Kuniyoshi Kaneko. An artist best knows for his bondage art and illustrations in the japanese release of the Alice novels.

Yeah, I said bondage. Now's a good time to say that theres nudity in this game. (It's art god damnit.)

This is known as being a very artistic piece of software. Not quite enough to call it art, not not enough gameplay to call it a "game".

None the less, in spite of some of the artwork presented making me uncomfortable, this is an experiance that I've wished to re-experiance (with varying degrees of success.


It goes without saying how fun it is to explore this game.

Thanks I hate it.

As the game progresses this it becomes something of a horror game? A skeletal hand, seemingly out of the blue, shows up to harass you (kinda) which feels incredibly out of place in a game where nothing else antagonizes you.

If you can deal with nudity and weird stuff (and can run SheepShaver) I recommend this, definitely.

I guess.

It's odd.

You know, decapitation!