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I’ve mentioned in previous comments that my childhood home was massively haunted. A lot of the haunting happened during the day, but here’s the one that panicked me the most.

I was alone watching my brother. (I was around 18, he was 2 or 3, barely talking yet) We were in his playroom, a really brightly lit area downstairs, playing with blocks or something when he suddenly goes from giggling and running around to just dead frozen starring at the entryway into the room.

I ask him what’s up, and he just points to our staircase and says “icky noise”. He’d been pointing and saying that freaked out randomly for a while now, and I figured it was gonna be another time showing him nothing is there, but I finally take a good look at the stairs and there’s something there.

Our staircase was mostly surrounded by walls, so I hadn’t noticed at first due to shadow, but I could see crouched on the step just below where the wall cut off this pitch black shape of a person. It was literally a slightly fuzzy silhouette of a person made of just pure black clearly looking at us between the hand railing. It took a step further down toward us, still crouched holding the rails, before my brain processed that I was actually seeing it.

I screamed, because what other response are you really gonna have to that, grabbed my brother, and hauled ass out of the house. We ended up sitting in the backyard playing with my sisters dog while I called my mom and waited for her to get home.

Sightings of that thing only got worse before we moved out. When my brother was a bit older he was able to explain he called it icky noise because whenever it showed up he could hear this really gross scary gurgling whispering. I never heard it make noise, but I definitely saw it several times, and it got rid of my idea that daytime was automatically safe real fast.

© u/EthanEpiale

When I was in high school, my younger brother and I shared a bedroom. His bed was on one side of the room and mine was on the other. My brother was an avid sleepwalker and would also talk in his sleep all of the time. Sharing a bedroom with him, it was unsettling at first, but I eventually got used to it.

One night, it’s about 3am and I suddenly wake up from a deep sleep, instantly alert. I had this urge to look towards my brother’s bed. I felt a presence in the room. When I turned my head, I saw a tall, skinny shadow/human-like figure and it was reaching it’s hand down towards my sleeping brother’s face. It’s hand got maybe an inch away before it’s head jerked to the side and looked at me starring at it, frozen. The shadow then faded and moved up into the air, vanishing through the ceiling.

Immediately, my brother shot up out of his bed, stood, and walked to the light switch. He turned it on and looked at me. In a very calm and solemn voice, he says, “Did you feel it? Did you feel the hand?” He then turned off the light and went back to his bed.

I hid under my covers the rest of the night. My brother doesn’t remember any of it.

© u/JunkNuggets

Alright so I know this is the internet but you'll just have to trust me on this having actually happened to me, and please bear with this slightly lengthy recollection.

My extremely catholic grandmother owned a house in rural New York. We'd often go there when we went to camp or for family holidays. The place always had a weird vibe to it, as it was over 150 years old. I had several paranormal experiences like seeing what I believed to be a spirit of a man in a brown coat and top hat in the kitchen, or hearing children's voices in the bunk bed room when nobody was home, as well as light fixtures acting strangely, like bulbs going out on holiday lights one by one in sequence instead of all at once.

Anyways, these experiences we're never emotion inducing or threatening, just weird things I was convinced I saw. Until one day when I was about ten. I was there alone while my grandmother went shopping and was just watching Avatar the Last Airbender and playing with Legos, pretty standard. I went to the bathroom at one point and noticed the door to the basement. I never thought anything of the basement because it was always closed and off limits, but being unsupervised and the bold kid I was, I opened the door to get a peek.

It was pitch black down the stairs, but within about 3 seconds I felt an intense chill and an absolutely terrifying feeling of pure evil wash over me, like a primal fear. Every instinct in my being and soul went into full panic mode as I felt the presence rapidly approaching up the stairs. I shut that door and locked it as fast as I could and ran to the common room and grabbed a cross, convinced it was some sort of demon.

Upon telling my grandmother this her face went white, as if she she wasn't as shocked as afraid, and as if she knew something about it. She called a priest into the house and had him bless the place. When he opened the door to the basement he stopped abruptly, and slowly descended. He performed his blessing down there and confided in us that he had felt the same feeling of dread, but that the house was protected by the lord now and we had nothing to fear. I was always weary after that, but never experienced it again, and certainly never went near the basement.

As I grew up, it weighed less on me, and I thought that maybe I was just a kid who spooked himself, maybe I had a grandmother who was so religious that she thought a non-existent demon was present, and maybe the Priest felt what we were telling him we had felt, and it wasn't real.

Unfortunately for that theory, and the reason I share this, is because I learned a few years ago that the family that had moved into the house after my grandparents moved to Florida had abruptly moved out. The had forfeited their down payment and left immediately because, and I quote from the realtors report, "The demons in the basement we're terrorizing their children to an unbearable degree."

So I don't know what was down there, but it wasn't human, it wasn't benevolent, and it wasn't make believe.

© u/Skinny_Beans

Crazy Demon Tree story!

Let me preface this by saying I am one of the most skeptical people you’ll ever meet. I’m not religious, I don’t believe in ghosts or aliens (in the come to earth/abductions/etc sense. There's probably a good chance there's life out there somewhere in the vastness of space) or any of that. This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever encountered and I have no real logical explanation for it. No drugs or booze were involved.

My friends and I went camping up in the White Mountains of NH most summers in middle and high school and a few years after til life happened and we all went our ways.

Now being a bunch of unorganized teen boys/manchildren we always took forever to get in gear and actually get going, usually not leaving southern MA where we lived until late afternoon, early evening. One year we got up there about 10pm or so, and decided rather than hike into the woods we’d just sort of camp/crash out in the parking lot and hike in in the AM. After a bit of unwinding and some food everyone went to bed except for me and one other dude. We ended up wandering over to a small wooden footbridge over a river. Was a perfectly clear night filled with stars and a fairly bright moon, and we were shootin the breeze for a good couple hours about all sorts of stuff, movies, games, life, etc, etc. Had to be well after midnight by this point. As we were chattin we both got this creepy feeling of something being there and it was sinister. Looking at the far end of the bridge there was this MASSIVE, dead tree (no leaves, just clawing branches) silhouetted against the sky. We both were like “man, I swear that tree is creeping me out, but that’s silly right?” At first we tried to dismiss it as silly but both of us kept feeling more and more unnerved until I finally was like “screw this, I’m a grown man, I’m not afraid of a damn tree, I’ma walk over there.”

I get like 2/3rds of the way across the bridge and it feels like something reached in and grabbed my pounding heart. Just went totally ice cold.

I backed up and was like “yeah, I’m afraid of a tree. I seriously think I’m not coming back if I go over there.”

We retreated from the bridge and decided to go to bed back in the sleeping bags by the car.

Next morning, after breakfast, we decide to hike into the trail by going across that bridge. Halfway across, my friend freezes.

“Uh. Dude.”

I look across the bridge.

It’s a clearing. There’s no trees there.

© u/Sorry_Masterpiece

When I was little, I had one of those Minnie Mouse plushes, with the cute costume and the big open-mouthed grin. I even had a studio portrait taken with it that turned out beautifully. Well, I woke up one morning, and was just lying in my bed, looking over the edge of my bed at my toys scattered on the ground. All of a sudden, as I was looking at my Minnie doll, it started... Talking. It made almost a hissing noise, then it started whispering my name. Frozen, I watched as the doll's open mouth slowly shut. I ran out of the room as fast as my little feet would carry me. My parents dismissed it as my imagination. Until I showed them the doll's permanently closed mouth. We went back and looked at the studio portrait. That doll's mouth had been open. It would not come apart now no matter how hard we pulled. I don't know what happened. Maybe I'll never know. But I didn't touch that doll again. It wasn't as friendly-looking with a closed mouth.

© u/mdnightwriter

I think I've shared this story here before, but when I was around 9 or 10 years old, my family had a big family reunion at my great aunt's house (a giant Victorian-era mansion with a huge back yard). I remember there was nobody there my age, and all the adults became eventually drunk, so I wandered around the house and quickly found the upstairs library that I thought was neat because it also had a back hallway with a tiny bedroom and full bathroom (probably the nanny's quarters back in the day). I remember I was sitting on the library rug I think playing with a black and gold check-printing machine, when a kid in the hallway suddenly said "You're not supposed to play with guns, Bill."

I wasn't playing with guns, and my name wasn't Bill! But I thought cool, another kid my age. I looked back and didn't see anything, then I hopped up and went around the door but he was gone. I went down the stairs and found my mom and asked if she had seen a kid my age (no). I looked all around and there was nobody there my age.

Then when I was a late teenager, my mother told me that her father (Bill), who had died before I was born, had killed his friend with a gun accidentally when he was 13, in that house. Nobody ever talked about it in the family.

Fast-forward 40 years later, I was now driving my great-Aunt, Bill's sister, who had stayed in that house until she was 90, back to her assisted-living apartment (age 105 now). I asked where Bill had shot that kid and she said in the upstairs library.

© u/kabekew

One night I was having this really odd dream. It was one of those ridiculously long dreams, that seems like it lasts for years while you are asleep. This one lasted a whole lifetime.

I watched a woman live her life. I watched as she was a child, as she grew up. I watched her go through school, college. I watched her social life evolve, I watched her romance and her marriage and her pregnancy. I watched her live her mid-life, raise her children and then grow old. It was a pretty normal life, I didn’t see any trauma. I didn’t remember how she died, but the moment it was over I woke up.

I had to go to the bathroom really bad. I stumbled out of bed, probably 4 in a morning in a most-asleep daze and went to the bathroom. As I sat and peed, I saw her face looking at me through the window. There she was, old, wrinkled, wide eyed and gaping mouth with the most horrible, scornful face looking at me.

It didn’t phase me at the time. I got up and walked back to bed and fell right asleep. I didn’t realize until the next morning the horrifying thing I had seen.

Source unknown (found in my collection from 2014)

When I was young my grandma came over to our house to babysit me one night. Nothing unusual happened the whole night. But when my mom got home she checked the answering machine, and there was a message a few minutes long. The message was just my grandmother’s and my voice laughing hysterically for the whole message.

Like I said the night was normal, and there wasnt a moment when the phone rang, or laughed hysterically for minutes on end.

Source unknown (found in my collection from 2014)

When I was younger, I use to live with my mother/father in a farm house, in the middle of nowhere. So the environment was cornfields, abandoned land, and very little civilization.

Our house was on an abandoned turkey farm, so that was already creepy enough.

Our roads were all dirt, and usually hardly used by cars, though there was a private little community a ways down from my house. I use to walk my dog by there all the time, mostly to look at the horses on the horse farm a mile or so down the road.

Well, on one of these walks, as I was returning home from snapping a few pictures of the horses, my dog starts losing her shit. She never did this, she would rarely chase things, aside from the occasional squirrel that got too close to her usual toilet spot.

But this wasn't her usual stance, her hairs were standing on end, and she was DRAGGING me, she could hardly ever do that either, she weighed less that 100lbs.

She pulled me towards a bush, and when I looked up at it a bright, white light filled my vision. Not gradually, instant, like a flash of lightning. I felt dizzy, and taken aback, I remember stumbling, and if it wasn't for my dog pulling me the other way, I probably would have fell back.

Once I regained awareness, I became aware of something running away through the cornfield behind the bush. I could tell it was big enough to cause the corn stalks the shake, because birds flew away as it moved.

I had no idea what the hell just happened to me, but my dog was going ballistic. Until eventually, she just started sniffing frantically, and then following me home, like normal.

It was very strange, and I've never been able to really explain it.

© u/FetchingTheSwagni

I was in my grandmas house, and managed to lock myself up on the toilet. I was like 4 or 5 and didn’t know how to unlock the door so I just cried until my mom came outside, trying to guide me. Eventually I figured it out, but just as I opened the door, I saw some demon-like being. I think it was a woman without hair, with fully grey old skin, with eyes that stared into me, and with dirty and rotten clothes. “It” also had a terrible mouth, always open. I watched it for a solid 5 seconds as it went up the stairs and ran back downstairs. I’m still to this day afraid of those stairs

© u/Corotsko

>For some reason this is triggering the kind of fear in my gut that I'd usually say was from remembering the same thing, only I don't think I actually have the memory. Unless I do. Maybe I do. -u/ExceptForThatDuck

>Thats so weird. By any chance did it have a look of dread on its face. A while back a guy on here said he saw something like that in his room when he woke up. But it had like a worried look on its face. And a brownish cloak. -u/doc_moses

>>Dude. That’s exactly it. -u/Corotsko

I was in this museum with old vehicles and stuff. It had really cool stuff but it was also creepy. It had broken dolls in these old-timey toy strollers and realistic mannequins in some places.

We were walking past some old fire trucks and I saw one of those realistic mannequins in a firefighter outfit.

I waved at it for no reason and I swear it waved back at light speed.

© u/cubed_circle

A long time ago in primary/elementary school, me and my friend came to the school compound on a Sunday to explore. We came in the wee hours in the morning, and coupled that it was a Sunday, there was nobody in.

We were walking along a corridor on the first floor, when suddenly we heard this thunderous noise above us. You know the sound where you drag a chair or a table across a floor? It was exactly that, but it sounded like there's multiple classrooms full of tables and chairs just moving around. It was loud. Very loud. And it was extremely sudden. There's no reason why anybody would be in school, moving dozens of tables and chairs on their own on a Sunday 6am. We stood rooted, stared at each other for a second, and bolted.

After we got out of school, he asked me whether I heard a lady screaming in the corridor. I said no. He didn't hear the dragging sounds either.

© u/assault_potato1


Kunekune is a modern urban myth concerning a distant apparition seen on widely extended rice or barley fields on hot summer days. It is described as an indiscernible white object, like a big, slender paper strip, or a white, loose textile sheet, that shimmers and wiggles as if moved by a strong gust of wind, even on windless days. It is claimed that anyone who tries to get a closer look at it is driven insane or dies when touching it. First reports of the Kunekune appeared on several internet websites at the same time.

Void note: Fun fact! I may or may not have seen it myself.


The Okiku doll has resided at the Mannenji temple in the town of Iwamizawa since 1938. According to the temple, the traditional doll initially had short cropped hair, but over time it has grown to about 25 centimeters (10 in) long, down to the doll's knees. Although the hair is periodically trimmed, it reportedly keeps growing back.

It is said that the doll was originally purchased in 1918 by a 17-year-old boy named Eikichi Suzuki while visiting Sapporo for a marine exhibition. He bought the doll on Tanuki-koji -- Sapporo's famous shopping street -- as a souvenir for his 2-year-old sister, Okiku. The young girl loved the doll and played with it every day, but the following year, she died suddenly of a cold. The family placed the doll in the household altar and prayed to it every day in memory of Okiku.

Some time later, they noticed the hair had started to grow. This was seen as a sign that the girl's restless spirit had taken refuge in the doll.

In 1938, the Suzuki family moved to Sakhalin, and they placed the doll in the care of Mannenji temple, where it has remained ever since.

Nobody has ever been able to fully explain why the doll's hair continues to grow. However, one scientific examination of the doll supposedly concluded that the hair is indeed that of a young child.

from Pink Tentacle

"Help me, Susie's dying."

Back around 1975 when I was nine, some of the kids I knocked around with insisted we all pile into the nearest phone box to hear a spooky message. By dialing a number - I think it was made up of zeros, twos and ones - and without needing to insert two pence, a woman, speaking in a curiously monotone voice, could be heard saying "Help me, help me, Susie's dying" over and over. Some of the lads said she sometimes said "Help me, help me Susie's drowning" - always in the same slow, seemingly bored tone of voice. Was it some weird engineer's test signal (hence no money needed)?

-Rob Dickinson, Worsthorne, Lancashire, UK. 2000.

I can remember once cramming into a phone box in the Stoneyholme area of Burnley with various other kids to hear the strange message related by Rob Dickinson. I cannot remember the number dialed. Could this be an early example of EVP (electronic voice phenomenon), or just inexplicable interference on the telephone system, filtered through the active imaginations of young witnesses?

-Christopher McDermott, London. 2000.

I remember the spooky message when I was a child playing with the old red phone boxes in Burnley. Two phone boxes in particular were prone to mysterious scary voice messages - one at the top of Dalton Street on Planetree Estate and the other at the end of Harold Street on Stoops Estate. As I remember, you put 2p in the slot and dialled 20 20 20 20 and the voice on the other end would be crackly but audible, "Help me, Susie's dying", which would send us kids running in all directions.

-AG Russell-Dallamore, by email. 2003.

I am from Burnley and have a vivid memory of the strange phone message. In either 1980 or 1981, three other girls and myself were loitering with the intent not to go back to school after lunch. We were messing around in a phone box near to school, calling random numbers and talking rubbish if anyone answered (we thought it was funny!). One of the girls said she knew a number you could call to hear a "spooky message" - I think there were 3s and 2s in it. When she called this number we all heard the message as quoted in previous correspondence. I have no doubts as to the phrasing of what I heard. It was a clear voice with no audible distortion. Needless to say, we were all a bit freaked out by this and when a British Telecom van pulled up nearby we made a hasty retreat and returned to school.

-Tracey Maclean, Knaresborough, North Yorkshire. 2003.

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The Kaimuki House

Transcribed from newpaper

Kahuna (Hawaii's own witchcraft) brewed evils again Wednesday night, dispelling oldtimers' hopes that the war had stilled it.

Answereing a Kaimuki near-riot call ████████ Police Sergeant ██████████ and Patrolman ████████ found a Hawaiian boy, 10, and his two sisters, 18 and 20, shrieking on a sofa.

The mother, besides shrieking, was waving ti leaved and sprinkling Hawaiin salt to ward off ghosts.

████████ she said, her son has detacted the odor of ghosts.

Angry at being found out the spirits first attacked him, then began repeated attempts to strangle his sisters, she said.

"My husband, who left me, is to blame," the mother added.

After a one and a half hour struggle, police and family yielded the home to kahuna and retreated ████████ to the mother's sister's home.

As they left and sleepless neighbors gave thanks, the mother turned on Sergeant █████████

"Look, you have goosepimples too."


A police officer in a patrol car in Kaimuki got a late night call from three girls sharing a house which the neighborhood considered haunted. The girls heard strange noises of someone moving around and talking and one of the girls said she felt a hand on her arm.

They decided to spend the rest of the night in Papakolea with the mother of one of the girls and wanted the policeman to follow then there.

The girls got into their car, the officer into his and they drove down Waialae Avenue. Suddenly the girl driving pulled her car into the █████████ parking lot.

The policeman later wrote in his report that the girl in the middle of the front seat was fighting off someone who could not be seen who was strangling her.

He jumped out of his car and reached into the girls' car to help. In re-telling the story the officer said, "A big, strong, calloused hand that could not possibly belong to a teenaged girl grabbed my arm and twisted it. I radioed for assistance."

The answering officer was prepared for a parking lot fight but not for a ghost "There's a ghost in that car" he told me, and was white as a sheet. The girls were hysterical.

"I told the girl who had been choked to get into the police car and the other two followed us to Papakolea. As soon as she got into the car the motor died. It wouldn't start up again."

He put her back into the girl's car, the other officer tried the motor, and it immediately started. The two cars drove about five yards and suddenly the door of the girl's car flew open and the same girl fell out on the road.

Again she was tearing at her threat as if someone was choking her. Together the two policemen were not strong enough to pull her hands away.


1970s (exact date not listed)

Eilean Mòr Lighthouse Dissapearance


The scene found by the people that went to check why there was no response was quite standard yet slightly off. 2 of the 3 water proof jackets were missing and in the kitchen they found pretty much everything normal except that one chair laying on the floor and there was still a meal on a table, suggesting that maybe they left in a hurry. The lightkeepers were nowhere.

The only clues that were gathered came from the lighthouse's log. The entries the last few days there were written were weird:

severe winds the likes of which I have never seen before in twenty years. The log attendant, Thomas Marshall, wrote also noticed that James Ducat, the Principal Keeper, had been 'very quiet’ and that the third assistant, William McArthur, had been crying. What is strange about the last thing is that William McArthur was a seasoned mariner, and was known on the Scottish mainland as a tough guy. Storms shouldn't have been a big deal.

Entries the day later stated that the storm was still raging even worse that before, and that the lighthouse keepers had been praying for it to stop. Btw the lighthouse that was 150 feet above sea level, and not only they should have been perfectly safe but they should have known that. They were very experienced.

The thing is that no storms were reported in the whole area in any of the days close to the entries. The weather was calm.

The final log entry was made the day after. It said ‘Storm ended, sea calm. God is over all’.

Thanks to u/BioregenerativeLamp for saving me the write-up.